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Planning Techniques[]

Basic guidance on job roles, organisation structure and brief overview of functions.


Conceptual ideas around forecasting alongside practical examples and links to high quality resources.

Six Pillars[]

The basis and guiding principle to help carry out work associated with resource planning.  This is also the approach that can be taken when either consulting or implementing a new team/Department in the Planning and Insight space.

Excel Formula and Guidance[]

Not designed as a full list of excel functions and formulae but rather a tailored selection of usual functions.

Macros - Ready to use[]

Similar to excel section, not designed as a full library rather a curated selection

Sections to come[]

  • Planning project techniques
  • Templates & Resources
  • End to End guides
  • Management information

A continuously expanding WIKI designed to help people with information and resources who work with Planning, Data, Insight or similar fields.

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